In Germany there are two health insurance systems: the public health insurance and the private health insurance. Health insurance in Germany is mandatory for everybody. Which system is the right for you depends on your personal circumstances. Get more information about:

- public health insurance

- private health insurance

- supplementary health insurance

- travel health insurance

liability & legal expenses

Beside the health insurance, the personal liability insurance is the most important insurance in Germany.

It covers you and your dependents 24 hours a day if you unintentionally damage the property of someone else or injure another person.

The legal insurance supports the pursuit of your own rights.

Get more information about:

- personal liability insurance

- legal protection insurance


Travel insurances are helpful for private and business travel and for stays abroad. Even if you plan everything well, unexpected things can happen.

Get more information about:

- travel health insurance

- travel cancellation insurance

- travel interruption insurance

- luggage insurance



Your property like car, house, furniture and other personal items could be expensive. You can protect your valuables against several risks.
Get more information about:

- household insurance

- homeowner's insurance

- car insurance

protection for you and your family

More important than saving your property is to save the ones you love: you and your family members.

Sometimes life can bring sad events like critical illness, disability or even death. It is good to know that apart from the worry about getting healthy again you do not have to be concerned about your finances because your living expenses are paid by the insurance.

Get more information about:

- occupational disability insurance

- accident insurance

- term life insurance


Wherever you will spend your retirement, whether in Germany or India, one day the payment of your employer will end and you will live from the savings you made during your working life. In Germany there are several pension models, some are subsidized by the German government with tax-deductions and allowances. Which one fits best for you depends on your personal situation and preferences.

Get more information about:

- private pension insurance

- Riester pension

- basic pension

- company pension

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