Getting insured


We can offer you the full range of insurances in Germany.


If you don´t want to purchase them all as soon as you arrive and are wondering which you should prioritize, here is a recommendation:


    Personal and property risks       Provisional insurance (personal)
First priority 
  1. Personal liability insurance
  2. Car liability insurance
  3. Other liability insurance (e.g. pet)
  4. Homeowner´s insurance
  5. Household (contents) insurance
  1. Basic health insurance (state or private)
  2. Occupational disability insurance
  3. Term life insurance
  4. Pension (supplement to state pension: private pension, company, Riester and/or basic pension)
  5. Travel health insurance
Second priority
  1. Legal expenses insurance (traffic)
  2. Legal expenses insurance (other modules)
  1. Supplementary health insurance
  2. Accident insurance