Interviews with real "Indogermans"

This is the place where we introduce Indians who already have experience in Germany and can give advice to the Indian community.

Name: Agila & Narayanan

City: Cologne, NRW

in Germany since: 2004

My favourite...

...German meal: Currywurst & Schnitzel

...restaurants: Mongo's Restaurant, Cologne, Hans im Glück

...shops: Peek&Cloppenburg, H&M

...German city: Berlin & Cologne destination: Paris & Dubay

What I miss most: family, friends and food

What I like most: work culture, well-organised social systems

My biggest challenge when I came here and the solution: the biggest challenge was the German language. I took German lessons and now I am able to communicate well.

My recommendation for new arrivals: Welcome to the land of paradise: "Germany". Please visit our website

Name: Vignesh

City: Heidelberg

in Germany since: 2004

My favourite...

...German meal: Schnitzel, Currywurst mit Pommes, Rib eye Steak mit Bratkartoffeln


In Darmstadt: L'oliva, Ferrucci Winebar Restaurant, Restaurant Glasschrank Steak & Meer

In Heidelberg: Oskar Restaurant u. Vinothek, Masala, Cafe Rossi, Palmbräu Gasse, Sahara Restaurant, Indian Palace

In Wiesbaden: Il Gattopardo

In Eltville: Osteria Piccolo Mondo

...shops: Massimo Dutti, Peek&Cloppenburg, Zara, Galeria Kaufhof, Mediamarkt, Saturn

...German city: Hamburg, Wiesbaden, Munich destination: Italy, Switzerland

What I miss most from India: family

What I like most in Germany: Cleanliness, punctuality, openness and straightforwardness of the people, natural beauty, beautiful white winters and sunny bright summers with beautiful yellow autumn.

My biggest challenge when I came here and the solution: Language is usually a big challenge, but people are friendly and helpful if you make an attempt to learn the language and adapt to the culture.

My recommendation for new arrivals:

Try to dress neat. This is a very crucial aspect. It doesn't have to be expensive branded stuff, but simple, clean and neat. Germans respect people who take care of themselves. Even if you don't speak the language fluently, try to make an effort to learn and speak as often as you can. Germans really appreciate the attitude and will be more supportive. If you plan to cook Indian food at home, always make sure that you put your jackets and pullovers in closed cabinets. The flavours of Indian masala sticks to everything we wear and causes a nauseating smell on the cloths.

Always, I mean always, open the windows in a way that there is enough air circulation in the house. This is super critical. Even in winter, please make sure that you open your windows and allow for air flow through the house. This will prevent the fungus (Schimmel) formation. Always, follow the rules and regulations to the dot. Do things as per protocol, do not try to find workarounds.

Try to establish contact with your neighbours. Germans are very conservative and tend to keep to themselves. You need to make an additional effort to connect with them, however once they become your friends, they are friends for life.


Names: Divya, Dinakar

City: Viernheim

In Germany since: 2010

My favourite ...

...German meal: Flammkuchen,

 Glühwein (well it's a Christmas drink, but we love it).

...restaurants: 1. Soban, Heidelberg( Korean).

 2. Azteca, Mannheim(Mexican).

 3. Ruchi, Frankfurt( specially for the Dum Biryani's).

 4. Urfa Sofrasi, Mannheim ( Turkish ).

 Budget eats -

1.Raja Rani, Heidelberg .

 2. Supan, Mannheim.

... shops: Indian groceries - Spiceland, Frankfurt.

German Supermarket - Marktkauf (Edeka), Lidl, Alnatura.

...German city: Triberg, pretty and peacefully.

... travel destination: London & Paris.

What I/we miss most from India: We miss festivals, wedding and celebrations in the family.

We miss food (street food).

We also miss those happening Sundays.

Last but not least, we miss house help (maids, cooks, etc.)  😅😋😉.

What I/we like most in Germany: Hands down Autobahns😎.. They are the best...

Peaceful and beautiful..

Its geographical position..

Not to forget "Weihnachtsmärkte" (Christmas markets), we wait while for them.. 🤗😍 That festive feel in the air reminds us home..

My/our biggest challenge in the beginning and the solution: For  Divya - Challenge : Sundays!!! Most boring ... Solution : Get used to it or find something yourself, helpless here🙃.



Name: Siddhesh 

City: Kirchberg/Hunsrück

In Germany since: 2017

My favourite ...

...German meals: Dampfnudeln, Butterklöße, Kartoffeln mit Sauerkraut, Nudelsalat, Baguette mit Tomate-Mozzarella

... restaurants: Indian restaurants: Taj Mahal (Koblenz), India House (Rheinböllen), Lacky's Pizzeria (Argenthal).  Others: Gasthaus am Flughafen (Hahn Airport), Folsom Prison Diner (Kirchberg/Hunsrück), Pizzeria Trattoria Sicilia (Oberwesel) 

... shops: Supermärkte (Globus, Lidl, Norma, Wasgau) Elektrohandel (AlphaTecc, Saturn)

... German city: Frankfurt, Koblenz

... travel destination: Usually India, however, we currently visited the island Santorini in Greece which was really beautiful.

What I miss most from India: My family and friends, Indian food

What I like most in Germany: Work culture, cleanliness and punctuality, social system (e.g. the work of the employment agency and the immigration authority)

My biggest challenge in the beginning and the solution: The biggest challenge I faced was that I had to learn German immediately. For over a year I have participated in several German courses including an integration course to reach the level B2.

Furthermore, finding work is not easy in the beginning, especially not in the countryside/in small cities without sufficient language knowledge.  This problem, however, can unfortunately only be solved by taking courses.

My recommendations for new arrivals: Firstly, the German weather is unpredictable. Summer days are not always sunny and warm, and vice versa, neither are the winter days always cold and snowy. The weather can vary within a few hours. Thus, I recommend to check the forecast before leaving the house in the morning ;-)

Secondly, if you want to cook Indian food, the ingredients are available in local shops (at least in bigger cities) or in online grocery stores. You don't need to bring spices from India.

Thirdly, contacting your family and friends should be possible thanks to the modern social media, such as WhatsApp or Facebook. However, in case these don't work or don't connect, I recommend to buy another sim card which enables you to call at affordable prices (e.g. Lyca mobile). 


Your tipps for your Indian compatriots

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