Training and further education

In Germany we have lots of options for adults to receive training and further education. You can complete them in businesses, colleges or technical colleges, colleges of higher education and universities.


Vocational training

Information on apprenticeships and vocational training is given by the job centre, the vocational information centres (Ger. "Berufsinformationszentren" or "BIZ") and other sources, such as job fairs.  


If you want to study in Germany, you have to fulfil two conditions:

1. The admission requirements of the university

2. The admission requirements of the individual study courses.

To get information in English about the admission requirements you can contact the German Academic Exchange service (Ger. "Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst"), the Application Services for International Students (Ger. "Arbeits- und Zulassungsstelle für internationale Studienbewerbungen") and the Goethe Institute.  Further interesting information on studying in Germany can be found in Make it in Germany.


Adult Education

You may also wish to continue learning after school or university. Adult education classes, whether day-time, evening or online courses, help you to get higher qualifications or school-leaving certificates. Your first contact person could be at the Job Centre or your local adult education college (Volkshochschule).  Private specialised colleges are also available, for example, for languages.